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Mystery Novel Cover

The Quarter Year Man


   Daniel Collum's quiet life as an antique shop owner is suddenly turned around when a photograph taken by a historical journalist is seen by a group of men who thought Collum dead  the past thirty years.
   Now on the run with Veronica Jenkins, the journalist who took the photo, Daniel Collum is torn between his knowledge of a cover-up in the assassination attempt on President Reagan, keeping Veronica and himself alive, and a personal secret that just may turn him into the most feared man on Earth. 

The Quarter Year Man is Eldon Callaway's first novel.

The Quarter Year Man is a fast-paced adventure that spans historical events across three different centuries. One man's challenge to understand a unique gift, and to use it for the better of mankind. Eldon Callaway has done a superb job of hooking the reader from the start, and keeping the interest all the way to the last page. I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Daniel Collum's life!

----G. Cooper

(The) Quarter Year Man has renewed my love of history. Eldon Callaway captures you quickly in the life of Daniel Collum who’s life spans three centuries of history and adventure .Cannot wait for what comes next for Daniel Collum.

----Joe R.

The Quarter Year Man has an imaginative plot that is rich with history and packed with action. Once past the prologue, it is an easy and quick read that moves quickly through an engaging story, while giving the reader lots of local color. I highly recommend this book.

----W. Arnold

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