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Eldon Callaway is a second generation California native born to Eldon Hayden and Carolyn Callaway.  His family moved from Los Angeles County to Orange County when he was eight years old.

Eldon Callaway has been writing since he was a young child with a couple of stories entered in the grade school paper.  For years he dabbled at writing scripts, novels and a screenplay but his only published works were a variety of poems in various anthology books.  After the death of his father to cancer at the early age of 71, Eldon immersed himself to complete his first novel The Quarter Year Man.


​From a very early age, Eldon has had an interest in  American and World history which was a great help with his first novel.   It is not uncommon for him to be reading up to five books at a time, depending on his mood or interest.  When he can find time, he has a wide range of hobbies he enjoys, from scrimshaw to fencing and still keeps himself active in acting, currently on stage.

Eldon met his wife over a dozen years ago and 2021 will celebrate 14 years of marriage.  His driving force to succeed has always been family, especially the continual support from his wife and two daughters.

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